An exhibition of garments and objects belonging to four generations of women in my family.

The women
Madeleine, my great grandmother, inherited the family’s property from her father; lived 100 years, 1910-2010. Her husband, nickname Papou, owned a rabbit fur factory and she took over his role when he was emprisoned by the nazis. When he came back, she fought to continue her job and they worked together until they retired. 

Jacqueline, my grand-mother; we will celebrate her 90th birthday next year. Always chic and coordinated. Hard-working, independent and a party-lover. Always gives me the best advices.

Catherine, my aunt ; mother of 2, loved neon pink and prints when she was 20. Daughter of Mai 68, she is now retired after a career at the Ministry of Health.

Isabelle, my mom ; a fantastic woman and great campaigner, successful in the healthcare industry. A nurturing person to be around with, always caring for the ones she loves.

And myself, the fourth generation. 

The space

It is the former atelier of Matthias Kiss, and his studio Attilalou. He and his team gave the appartement a new life, and I was lucky to be offered to use the space for two weeks when they departed ; now the keys are with Olivier Leone. 

Special thanks to Mathias Kiss for providing the décor of this expo.

The exhibition

Since years, I enjoy digging in dusty boxes, uncovering objects, garments, accessories from different times. In the two weeks I had in the space, I understood more than ever the quality and durability of each piece and built a new emotional connection to it. The exhibition is a capture of this process.