Biodynamic & organic vinification in France  for Miami-based photographer James Jackman 

I have introduced James Jackman to two selected wineries with the aim to support his research on sustainable and ecological farming.
I have intiatied these two collaborations and have taken care of production, translation and communication.

The Domaine Gérard Bertrand is a well established winery with over 300 staff and 200 ha of vines, engaged in the biodynamic process for over 20 years. 
We had the chance to meet with Gilles de Baudus, their chief of Biodynamics and to discuss sciences, the power of nature and patience.

The Domaine d’Édouard is laid on 14 ha of biological vines since the early 2000’s. It is headed by Édouard Lepesme, whom I met at “L’un chai l’autre”, a wine tasting & independent wine makers gathering, hosted by La Sœur Cadette in Saint-Père. We had the chance to document this year’s harvest and discuss the intricated challenges one faces when working with nature’s flow.

Discover the work produced by James Jackman below.

Domaine Gérard Bertrand

Boutenac, Languedoc

Domaine d’Édouard
Auxerre, Bourgogne